Management of apartments and rented or rental properties*

The owners of apartments and commercial spaces in the homeowners associations we manage can benefit from the comprehensive services of the so-called apartment/unit guardian. As part of this service we will take over your responsibilities related to the lease and maintenance of your property when you are abroad, in another city, or simply do not have the ability or desire to do it on your own. The scope of our services will be adjusted to your needs – from finding tenants, through the performance of landlord duties, to managing a redecoration project:
  • preparing the residential/commercial unit for lease
  • sourcing and choosing tenants
  • preparation, negotiation, conclusion or termination of the tenancy agreement
  • residential/commercial unit handover based on the handover checklist
  • representing the owner before the tenant
  • supervising the rented residential/commercial unit
  • monitoring the timeliness of rent payment and the payment of other charges related to the unit
  • debt collection
  • insuring the residential/commercial unit, and overseeing the process of liquidation in the event of any damage
  • entering into contracts with the providers of utilities, communications, etc.
  • settling charges for the maintenance of the common property, utilities, property tax, etc.
  • performing repairs, handling malfunctions and defects
  • representing the owner before the homeowners association, as well as other bodies and offices
  • preparing a monthly settlement report comprising rent, service charges, incidents, services performed, etc.
  • other services or duties, depending on the owner
* Our offer applies solely to the homeowners associations and properties managed by us
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